Admission Requirements for Primary Teacher's Diploma(PTD)

– Primary teacher’s diploma  (Part-Time Saturdays) — duration 3 and 1/2 years

– Full-Time Monday-Friday — Duration 3 years

How to send bank slips using ?

  1. Login to bala using chrome browser
  2. On your dashboard, go to Invoice Pending, Payment and scroll to the left. Click the blue button SUBMIT PAYMENT
  3. Skip Invoice, click Payment Info
  4. Put the date appearing on bank deposit slip
  5. Payment Method, choose your bank.
  6. Put Bank Name.
  7. Put amount paid
  8. Reference – Put Student ID.
  9. Choose file. Take a picture of the bank Slip.
  10. Click add only. (Pop Up Message “payment added”).

NB. If your bank deposit slip is not clear, wrong dates, Wrong bank, Forged and repeated will be declined!!