About US

Our aim is also to maintain and constantly improve the capacity of staffing complement and also ensure that they are given opportunities to upgrade and improve their skills and knowledge. This will greatly improve their competency and benefit the operations of the institution. This is our resource that we value so much as they contribute directly to our goal of providing quality education – hence we will improve on their welfare.

We are also inclined to providing quality education facilities that are affordable for continuity and to build a good parent/guardian rapport through good management ethics and good parent/guardian relations. 

We will always incorporate a culture of friendly courtesy, reliability and ensure quality education facilities are available at all times as well as a competitive staff complement to achieve excellent results.

To establish a solid student base and excel in the provision of quality and holistic education as well as to contribute to the country’s GDP and also play a role in the recovery of the country’s economy.


Developing an educated society through quality education whilst upholding the sense of humility.


To provide holistic, quality and relevant education in order to develop and build an educated society through innovative and effective teaching methods hence become one of the most respected academic institutions in the Kingdom.


As our main objective at CIT, we focus on a holistic, quality and relevant education to our students at affordable and competitive prices. With the professional consultants and lecturers in our payroll, we are eligible to provide clients with effective, result-oriented process consultation, collaborative planning, follow-up and evaluation


It is surely a humbling responsibility to be a steward of a lofty vision, but it is a challenge that is exciting every day. It is good to look across this great audience and see, from your very presence here, a shared commitment to expend your energies in a truly noble cause. It takes discipline, commitment and undivided attention to get there. Start now right where you are...


Our high service delivery encompass design and improvement of management procedures as well as provision of after service care at an affordable cost. Our consultants maintain a high level of contact with international specialists to ensure that our services remain at the cutting edge of internationally bench marked services. We initiate and support organizations in implementing and succeeding with the necessary transformation and organizational development required in achieving a world-class performance, creativity, and to regularly provide clients with new ideas and perspective.